In Memory

James Kieren

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07/18/21 10:22 PM #7    

Pam White

Don -- Great photo, and great memories!  Thanks for posting it.  I'm sure I still have that photo somewhere, but now I don't have to go hunting for it.  Was that 1972?

07/19/21 10:06 AM #8    

David Vetta

Thanks so much for the photo , Don !
That's exactly how I remember Jim , you , Heidi and Pam !!




07/19/21 11:07 AM #9    

Richard Zimmermann

Great photo!!!!!!!!!

07/19/21 12:13 PM #10    

Jerold Just

Great Picture Don!!

Thanks for sharing!

07/19/21 08:02 PM #11    

Susan Kent (Achey)

Great picture of everyone and wonderful smiles! Thanks for sharing.

07/20/21 08:42 AM #12    

Joe Gruenwald

Great comments by all. really brings back memories. I almost forgot that some of you called me Barney in highschool. Thanks Jerry!!. I still think of Jim on occasion and its always a combination of sadness and thankfulness. Sad because he was so full of life and taken away way to soon; and thankfull that I've been given the fortune to still be able to enjoy life. JIM YOU ARE MISSED.

07/21/21 12:28 PM #13    

Michael Hennick

God, that picture so captures his infectuous fun-loving spirit.  A rush of memories came back including him teaching Jerry and me how to manual shift "3-on-the-tree" on his father's rambler laughing hysterically when we'd grind through the gears and get off to herky jerky starts and stops. 

07/22/21 01:03 PM #14    

Jerold Just

Thanks Mike! Gosh, learning to drive stick on that white rambler was a gas.  I remember driving into Fox Point and finding some stop sign at the top of a hill and turning it over to whomever just got their license.  It was a rite of passage.  We probably should have taken up a collection to pay for a new clutch :-).  Great memories!!

07/22/21 06:51 PM #15    

Don Bacon

07/22/21 06:53 PM #16    

Don Bacon

A handsome, self-assured Jim at the end of an Ephraim sojourn. Bonus points if anyone can help me figure out why that white rope is coming out of his knapsack. 

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