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Russell Streur

Russell Streur passed away June 1, 2023

Russell J. Streur, age 69, of Milwaukee, WI, & Atlanta, GA, passed away at dawn on June 1, 2023. Born March 26, 1954 in Chicago, he grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, where he lived before moving to Georgia in 2004.

Preceded in death by his father John, Russell is survived by wife Margot, sons Morgen (Jade Ashley, fiancée) & Devin, mother Jeannine, sister Jeannine (the late Donald) Bergman, and brother John (Mary).

Russell was a highly skilled health care fraud investigator, extraordinary poet, baseball historian, award-winning photographer, published author, and mentor to many. In his later years, he served a term as the President of Johns Creek Art Center — a fitting feather in the cap of a true renaissance man.

His integrity and spirit inspired friends and strangers alike. In his career, his art, and his writing, he shared his unique perspective with a keen sense of humor. He was a lifelong supporter of Native American tribes and a champion of environmental causes.

Donations can be made to the World Wildlife Fund.



This is from his wife Margot:

To everyone who loved Russell, God embraced him back into His arms around 5am this morning - throughout the past several days, he was surrounded and serenaded by the loving messages of friends & family and he will be forever remembered as a life-changing force for so many - 

There will be a celebration of his life but those details will be announced at a later time. Please be excited that our prayers were answered for a swift, easy and merciful reunion- there was no pain thanks to an amazing medical team at Emory St Joseph's. Thank you everyone 


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06/08/23 06:13 PM #1    

Jill Bamberger (Dizack)

So sorry for Russell's (too early) passing. Russell was one of those really nice guys, throughout grade and high schools. He will be missed. Jd

06/13/23 01:51 PM #2    

Lawrence Bragman

I am so sorry to hear that Russell has passed. 

07/25/23 07:36 AM #3    

Carl Trimble

Yes, Russell was truly a nice and thoughtful guy. My prayers go out to his wife and family.

07/25/23 01:48 PM #4    

Vicki Phillips

Loved Russell.

07/26/23 02:15 PM #5    

Pam White

Russell sat in front of me in one class in grade school (7th grade?), and he was quite entertaining.  A smart guy with a quick wit.  I'm very sorry for his family.

07/27/23 09:59 AM #6    

Glenn Pincus

Comments I provided for Russell's celebration of life July 14, 2023...

To my dear friend Russell,

My many memories of you are as clear as the day they were made:

  • Your return to Whitefish Bay our junior year in high school, when you appeared at a touch football game at Klode park wearing your untucked white dress shirt, a look you wore often and well
  • Our lunch-time walks to the lake
  • Chatting with your brother John, whose room we had to walk through to get to your bedroom, and then once in your room, reading your poetry (and Ginsberg’s and Ferlinghetti’s) while listening to Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones
  • Shooting 9-ball on that wacky pool table in your basement
  • Chatting with your folks in the living room; your Dad in a big chair watching the Bucks, your Mom working on her legal transcriptions; they were always so nice to me (of course, your Dad later got me into Northwestern Mutual Life, which gave me the career I otherwise would never have had)
  • Sneaking you into your house with a deep cut in your eyebrow after you got hit in the glasses by a softball
  • Our hair-raising drive from Denver to Milwaukee in 1973 when you “rescued” me after I dropped out of Ripon College
  • Attending UWM together, often cutting classes to drink beer in the Gasthaus
  • Getting pulled over on the way to Madison because of the look you gave a highway patrol cop
  • Your many poetry readings that I sometimes accompanied on guitar at Century Hall and elsewhere
  • Spending election night 1980 at your amazing flat above the bakery on Murray Avenue, and hearing you tell your Mom on the phone that now that Reagan had been elected the country was screwed (you were right)

I moved to Los Angeles in 1982 and our relationship continued first by mail and then email. You sent me your poetry and articles, which I always found to be beautiful, clever, and inciteful. One of your stories even included characters based on my brother and me, which is the most flattering thing I’ve ever experienced. That story is on my bookshelf, along with The Famine Season, your collection of poetry on the Irish hunger-strikers.

At times you could have a hard edge, Russell, but you were always kind and thoughtful. I recall that time we went to Chicago for a poetry reading, and one of the poems was loaded with f-bombs. There were kids in the audience and I asked you what you were going to do about that. You said, “they’ll get over it,” or something to that effect. But when it came time for your reading, you changed the wording for the kids. You could be a softy, but you never wanted to admit it.

The last time I saw you, incredibly, was almost exactly 20 years ago in July 2003. You came out to the west coast for a meeting in Santa Monica. But the time and distance were never obstacles to my my feeling that we remained close through it all. You were always a central person in my life Russell, whether we were in the same zip code or not. I told you recently that I think about you every day, and I will continue to do so because you appear in my mind whenever I see or hear anything interesting or beautiful.

Your pal forever, Glenn

07/27/23 11:45 AM #7    

Joan Goelzer (Johanson)

These are such lovely sentiments--my memories of Russell center on his kindness. His wit and his kindness.  Blessings and grace to all his loved ones.


07/27/23 11:49 AM #8    

David Vetta

Beautiful and insightful recollections , Glenn . Thank you for sharing and bringing Russell back to us with your words.

07/28/23 11:18 AM #9    

Mary Ann Doll (Doll)

Glenn those were beautiful memories. I remember Russell as deep andn thoughtful with a sharp intelect and energy that was always on. May his family have some comfort knowing his light touched many. 

Sincxerely, Mary Ann Doll

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