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07/15/12 08:35 AM #1    


Betsy Blaney

I had a blast and hope everyone else did. Thanks to all who came from afar and from nearby to hang with your classmates. It was a gas, wasn't it?

07/15/12 11:03 AM #2    

Katherine Paulik (Schultz)

Betsey, you really know how to throw a party. I too had a blast, thank you for your hard work and dedication in bringing this all together.

Also, thank you to Susie and Lauren for getting Stone Cohen, that really topped off the event.

thanks for everything,  Kathy Paulik

07/15/12 11:04 AM #3    

Mary Ann Doll (Doll)

WOW  - what a great event!  Huge kudos to you Betsy!  Your time and effort made the evening a huge success.  It was a blast seeing everyone and the band was rockin!  My only regret was not being able to have conversations with time I am coming earlier and staying later!

Maybe you should plan on a yearly or six month (!) site update so we all know when to check up or check in to see what is going on.

Again you and your crew are fabulous! 

And all the very best to the class of '72!  xx Mary Ann

07/16/12 11:23 AM #4    

Susan Bartels (Many)


Heard nothing but great things about the reunion.  You and your committee should be commended for all of your efforts.  Truly a Herculean task.  I'm so sad I couldn't make it but maybe I'll make the next one.  Anne Bowlby (Farrell) sent me some terrific pix already and everyone looked GREAT!  There's one of you dancing and you looked like you were feelin' no pain.  That's my girl!!  A shout out to all my old friends and anyone who'd like to chat with me, please email me at  Can't wait till you have a chance to post the pix.  And again, I wish you the best of luck at the Olympics.  I look forward to reading your blog.

Well done, Betsy!!


(Sue Bartels (Many))

07/16/12 03:04 PM #5    

Susan Pinkus

Betsy Blaney for President!!! What an AMAZING event! 

It was truly heartwarming to see everyone. 

Hugs to all,


07/16/12 10:08 PM #6    

Susan Plotkin (Gruenberg)

What a great weekend! Thank you Betsy for making it all happen. You and the committee brought back all of the memories and everyone seems to have loved it. I'm still smiling and I think I will be for quite some time. 



07/17/12 08:37 PM #7    

Rob Hevey

Clearly our collective memories are better than ours individually - thanks to everyone for sharing the old and creating the new!

Thanks to the organizing committee (especially Betsy) for all their hard work!

Betsy - cannot wait to read your blog on the Olympics - we want the inside scoops!

Happy summer everyone.

rob  :)

07/20/12 09:35 AM #8    


Susan Schmitt

What word really describes the WFB 40th reunion?


Those are a few of the words I have heard describing it. Betsy! You did a fabulous job and keeping the web extended for such a long time is 'THE BOMB'.

Can't wait for the 45th but I have a feeling that some folks will see one another before then. Our class was closer than I realized. Friendships re-kindled and some were created during the festivities. As MaryAnn Doll put it you just didn't have enough time to talk to everyone. SOLUTION??? Come sooner and hang out longer. Enough said.


All of you take care of yourself. Until we meet again hugs and love from Susiewink

07/21/12 12:39 PM #9    

Timothy Brennan

Hi All,

Cheers to Betsy and everyone else who organized the big event, which I heard was fantastic (and expected it to be)   I'm so sorry I couldn't be there.  I had planned to be all along, but friends organized a wedding on that very day out in Washington state, and I couldn't miss it.   Hope to see you all at the next one.  And heads us everyone: don't forget to follow Betsy's London Olympics blog at 



07/24/12 08:25 AM #10    

Don Zien

Thanks to all but especially Betsy who put her heart and soul into this resulting in a great couple of days.  Bob Gegious--thanks again for your generousity at North Star Bistro.  People--we look great overall and we are blessed with good health.  The band is as good as ever and that was so special. New memories have been created and we look forward to the next ones. I hope others will reach out and be a part of this next time.



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