40th Reunion pictures (2012)

Front row, left to right: Terry Krasno Cohee, Bruce Gilbert, Penny Nelson Eagle,  Chris Partleton,  Ken Head, Scott Dizack, Anne Glicklich Bucheger, Siri Hoffmann Zenz, Heidi Pabst. Row 2: Kevin Lehner, Debbie Snyder Tietjen, Betsy Blaney, Linda Rice Lasser. Row 3: Dave Kasik, Jon Guilbert, can't make out the next two; help Betsy with who these folks are, Rob Hevey, Dave Abbott, Ron Flagg.Front row, left to right: HENRY CLAY ALUMS -- Terri Krasno Cohee, Bruce Gilbert, Penny Nelson Eagle, Christen Partleton, Ken Head, Bob Dizack, Anne Glicklich Bucheger, Siri Hoffmann Zenz and Heidi Pabst. Row 2: Kevin Lehner, Debbie Snyder Tietjen, Betsy Blaney, Linda Rice Lasser. Back row: Dave Kasik, Jon Guilbert, Sue Kent, (NEED HELP WITH THE GUY NEXT TO HER AND TO ROB HEVEY BECAUSE HE IS MOSTLY HIDDEN) Rob Hevey, Dave Abbott and Ron Flagg.MORE HENRY CLAY: left to right: Jeanmarie Schuler Bascom and Vicki PhillipsHOLY FAMILY: Front row, left to right: Lora Barth Johnson, Ellen Bruecker, Ann Ollman Kathy Paulik Schultz, Mary Maikowski Schultz and Anne Bowlby Farrell. Row 2: Tim McMahon, Tom Morgan, Dennis Myles, Bill Styer, Jerry Just, Joe Layde, Mary Ann Doll and Jim Tietjen. Bruce Brewer on the far left did NOT go to Holy Family. He just wanted to be in all the elementary school pictures.SAINT MONICA: Front row: Sally Davenport Howard, Bruce Brewer, Susie Schmitt, Peggy Karow Engstrom, Jim Yanke and Jay Frazier.RICHARDS:Front row: left to right: Julie Ferguson Stringer, Joan Goelzer Johanson, Susan Olenick Ehrlich, Betsy Wilson Head, Tessie Bond Sharrow, Janice Coleman Oliver, Suzy Shaw is hidden by Lisa Perino. Third row: Kristen Bachman, Carl Trimble, Chip Huntress, Gary Franz and Ross Plaetzer.CUMBERLAND: Larry Bragman, Dianne Waters Lev, John Markson, Diane Zache Johnson, Shelly Usow, Sue Conrad Munger, Susan Pinkus, Jill Bamberger Dizack, Karen Libby Maddux and Holly Zwicky Romer. Row two: Dan Russler, Bruce Resnick, Bill Curley, Brian Kelm, Laurie Mayerson Siegel Jay Usow, Steve Cohen, Maryann Doll, Mary Kay Forrer, Scott Neidermeyer, Darcy Hayes Grandel and Ralph Amateis.Anne Glicklich Bucheger and husband Rick. They got married June 30, so this was a great quasi wedding reception.  Foreground: Anne Bowlby Farrell and husband Dennis. Left of there: Kevin Lehner and wife Leann

sSome good dance moves going on here!

Betsy Blaney looking sorta sheepish. Left is Bruce Gilbert and Tessie Bond Sharrow; Right is Carl Trimble and wife Nancy.

Mary Ann Doll rocking to the tunes of the Stone Cohen Blues Band.


Some of those who hung around after the reunion turned into a pumpkin!!!

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L to R: Mary Kay Forrer and Susan Pinkus

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Shelley Usow and Dave Kasik

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Susan Olenick Ehrlich with husband Michael. That's Jay Usow's back

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L to R: Laurie Mayerson Siegel, Susie Plotkin Gruenberg and Dianne Waters Lev

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Ann Ollman

At Friday night's event at North Star Bistro: l-r: Ellen Bruecker, Sally Davenport Howard, Jay Uson, Susie Plotkin Gruenberg, Kathy Paulik Schultz, Shelley Usow.

North Star Bistro: l-r: Terri Krasno Cohee, Sally Davenport Howard, Susie Plotkin Gruenberg, Kathy Paulik Schultz, Shelley Usow.


North Star: Jay Usow, Shelley Usow


Susie Schmitt and Shelley Usow

Diane Zache Johnson and Shelley Usow


Susie Schmitt, Sally Davenport Howard, Diane Zache Johnson, Shelley Usow.


1972 Whitefish Bay High School football team, as taken inside the locker room during tour.


Penny Nelson Eagle and Susie Schmitt in the locker room during school tour.


The Whitefish Bay High School pool.

A bunch of classmates in the front hallway of the high school during school tour.


Names etched up in the tower during the school tour.

Bruce Brewer and Susie Schmitt at the reunion.

Peggy Karow Engstrom and Susie Schmitt

Kathy Paulik Schult and Susie Plotkin Gruenberg.

Nancy Niedermyer Trimble and Gary Franz.

l-r: Jill Bamberger Dizack and Scott Dizack, Anne Glicklich Bucheger and Mary Maikowski Schultz.

l-r: Shelley Usow, Susie Schmitt and Jay Usow.


l-r: Jay Usow, Vicki Phillips and Shelley Usow.


Holly Zwicky Romer and Susan Pinkus


Shelley Usow and Kathy Paulik Schultz

Bruce Resnick and Lisa Perino


Mary Ann Doll, Heidi Pabst, Holly Zwicky Romer and Betsy Blaney


Janice Coleman Oliver and Tessie Bond Sharrow.


Jay Usow and Diane Waters Lev (dancing) and Vicki Phillips posing while trying to get Betsy Blaney to shuffle a few steps.


John Markson, Ron Flagg and Bruce Gilbert


Tessie Bond, Heidi Pabst, Sue Conrad Munger, Terri Krasno Cohee and Susie Halloway.


Carl Trimble, Susan Pinkus, Holly Zwicky Romer, Susie Schmitt, Gary Franz and Nancy Niedermeyer Trimble.

Carl Trimble, Susan Pinkus, Janice Coleman Oliver and Holly Zwicky Romer

Dianne Waters Lev, Betsy Blaney, Bobbo Gruenberg and Laurie Mayerson Siegal.